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Cartoque A free & simple CMDB for your datacenter

API Authentication

All actions against the REST API need authentication through a custom authentication token. This authentication token is linked to a user account. It should be passed with every HTTP request as a custom HTTP header called X-Api-Token.

Creating an authentication token

  • Go to the Configuration section in the top menu bar
  • Click Users in the sidebar
  • Either create a new user or edit the one who needs access to the API
  • Generate a token

Updating an authentication token

If a user already has an authentication token, you can change it with the same basic steps described above.

But be careful: re-generating an authentication token cannot be undone. It means the old one will stop working, so if it's used in scripts or 3rd party tools, you'll need to update them with the new authentication token!

Using the authentication token

An example with curl :

curl -H "X-Api-Token: <token>" <API URL>

Of course you'll have to replace the values. For instance, here is a list of my servers if my token is "abcdef123" :

curl -sL -H "X-Api-Token: abcdef123" http://cartoque.home/servers.json

See the list of API endpoints for further informations on available URLs, parameters and formats.

Other authentication modes

If you're intested in making other authentication methods possible (such as Oauth), feel free to fill an issue on Github.