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Cartoque A free & simple CMDB for your datacenter

Developer guidelines

Developing a fully functional CMDB from scratch is not trivial. Maintaining a general coherence in the code and the architecture neither. This page explains some of the general principles I adopted while developing Cartoque. This could be useful if you want to contribute, or if you just want to re-use the code in your own project. Anyway, it mostly helps me writing down what I have in mind about the general architecture of this product. Feel free to discuss it on the Github tracker.

Use gems where possible

I'm a big fan of Railscasts, and I'm especially a fan of how Ryan doesn't always re-invent the wheel. If a gem does what you want, if it's simple to integrate with the application and already integrated other gems, then bingo!.

Write specs but don't be dumb

I admire people that fully develop with a TDD/BDD approach. Really. I'm a lot more confident in my code when I do that, but I don't always have the extra 15% time to write a full test suite. Plus it often turns out to be 50% in my experience, I'm not a ruby guru and testing/mocking/stubbing is not that easy... So I write specs for parts of the code that are here for a long time or when I think pieces of code are somehow complex or have edge cases. Clearly, I don't write specs for scaffolds that will obviously stay scaffolds. Don't be dumb.

More to come.